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We are a web/IT consultancy firm that filled with the passions to take big challenges. We are innovative to apply all the ideas, concepts we have in mind to build a solution that best suit your business needs.

Collaboration is the work unit we believe. It offers a platform for knowledge sharing and organizational integration to work for a common goal.

With a team backed by monster-level experts (be it ideas or technical skillsets), we can turn web into a business strategic platform.


Media: Web design, Corporate identity design, Managed media/web hosting
Application: Web application development, Middleware integration development
Consultancy: User experience design, Search engine optimization

Some of our previous projects:

— Customer Relationship — Enterprise Resources Planning
— Content Management — Assets Tracking
— Members Point-Rewarding — Online Games
— Integrated Performance Monitoring — Risk Management
— News Publishing — Newsletter Broadcasting
— Online Electronic Paper — SMS Gateway
— E-Commerce (B2B, B2C) — Document Approval Management
— Mobile Service Integration — Vehicle Stock Movement Monitoring
— Properties Management — University Forum Engine

...and the list goes on and on.


Recent work:

dynamic content synchronization

mxglazer is a dual modes application, which can be functioned as an independant platform itself or an integrated middleware. It offers a flexible platform for content integration as well as email broadcasting. Planted with advanced collaboration services that running securely behind the scene to provide seemlessly information pulling. This application is currently running for an education institution in Malaysia, as well as for a news publisher in Thailand.

On-the-fly cross sites content integration / Snap cross-site's content in a blink / Email broadcast engine integrability / Capable to blast 11,000 emails daily / Fully customisable to fit your needs.

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